Service mode activation

Tesla main computer (MCU) includes a special mode called service mode. Service mode allows deeper analysis of the state of the car, including service alerts. There are several versions of service mode available depending on MCU version, but it is always activated the same way.

1. Navigate to Software menu on the main screen.
2. Long press (about. 5 sec) the car model until it “flashes”.
3. Enter access code “service” (without quotations) and press OK.
4. Accept terms (Enable)

Service mode is now activated. In this article we don’t explain all the features since they vary in different models. If you contact is with some issues on your are, it is adviced to send us photos of the alerts you can see under Service Alerts and choose to show All alerts.

5. You can leave the service mode by pressing Exit Service Mode

If you navigate to other menus, you can get back to service mode menu by pressing the red and white tool symbol on the bottom of the screen.